Fuss Design Built Homes Ltd.


As the namesake suggests, our strength is in our ability to take early undeveloped ideas and transform them into solid reality. Working with clients from the initial stages of home plans design is always an exciting phase in the process. We enjoy developing plans to suit each unique building site. We are confident that we can apply solid construction practices to the most challenging projects. We consider the applicable building codes to be only the minimum standard while we ensure all of our plans undergo an engineering review.

Initial Consultation - no fees, no commitments. A chance to meet people and provide valuable information to consider at this early stage. Preliminary discussions about what our clients' needs are in a new home/renovation. A high level overview of the home's basic requirements. We can help start the design process with a number of completed projects as our base. We have a variety of blueprints to draw from. We can help to suggest design ideas as we get to know what type of home suits our clients. Working with our designers, we can provide some preliminary lay outs for our client's review. This phase will involve several design changes until we can satisfy our client's shopping list of needs. We continue to modify early proposals until a solid floor plan lay out is developed.

We like to touch on the exterior elevation styles which triggers the start of developing a home with solid curb appeal. A site visit is valuable at this stage to help capitalize on specific design features that could be incorporated into the plans. Land elevations need to be considered also. With a preliminary blueprint developed, we can begin to provide budget pricing for the entire project.

At the early construction phase, clients need to work with various designers to choose all of the interior materials and finishes. Once again, we can help to suggest some of the latest styles and products that are available. Our vendors are experienced in working with clients and realizing that each and every project is an important one. As the build develops, we enjoy meeting our clients on site to show our progress and let them see how we, along with our trade groups, take pride in our work. We encourage any questions or concerns that arise during the construction phase. We want our clients to feel that they can talk to us and work out any issues professionally.

Sometimes our clients will request a change from the original specifications. We will work together with you to communicate any impacts and look for the most cost effective alternatives to achieve your request. We want to establish a long term relationship, not just for this build but hopefully future builds also.